GHS Projects provide PC services with WHO certified chemicals that are 100% safe for humans and pets with leading technology to prevent you and your premises from harmful pests responsible for many diseases and infections.

General Pest Control

General Pest Control


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Cockroach – Pest Control


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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs – Pest Control


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Termites – Pest Control


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Wood Borer

Wood Borer


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Dengue Mosquitos

Dengue Mosquitos


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Industrial Premises
Commercial Premises
Residential Societies

Professional & Reliable Service by Background Verified Staff

Advance Chemicals With Low Environmental Impact

Odorless Process With Minimum Disturbance to Household Activity

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Frequently asked questions

What can we do to make the treatment more effective?

Preventive measures, depending on the condition, may be advised. For example, if a treatment to eradicate mice has been carried out which includes glue boards to be installed under taps; it is advised not to use the taps for some time. In case of bed bug treatment, it is advised not to use bed boxes.

What measures are taken to ensure security?

All the professionals carry their identification cards and wear uniforms. They are licensed by the government and have even undergone internal screening for security and professional checks.

Do we need to worry about the chemicals used in the treatments?

The chemicals used by the professionals are tested and government approved. The smell diffuses in some hours and is 100% secure. You can even avail treatments which use organic material.

Do we need to vacate the place?

This depends on the kind of service being availed. For example, if treatment for termites is requested, wood items like bed boxes and cupboards need to be emptied. For bed bugs, the place needs to be vacated for almost 5 hours. While for general pest control, you need not vacate the space at all.

How much is it a hassle for me as a customer?

We understand our customer’s busy lifestyles and this is the reason that we try to reduce any kind of mess. You need not get into cleaning the space as it is the professional’s responsibility to see that the space is not left in a littered condition.

What happens if my property is damaged by the hired professional?

Although it’s highly unlikely as our professionals are extremely skilled at their work, We do provide a customer protection of up to 10000 rupees against damages.


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